360 Storytelling

360 Storytelling

Stay tuned for another 360 Storytelling event coming soon…

What’s a 360? Here’s an example…

Odds are, the first four words ever spoken were “tell me a story.” And the next four? “Once upon a time…” It’s why we have cave paintings, sculpture, theatre, film, television both scripted and reality-based, Garrison Keillor and “This American Life.” All of these artforms are crafted to tell us stories.

Riverrun has found and shared stories with you over the last seven years. Come and share your stories with us.

Why 360? Your story can start anywhere, go anywhere. It may be a memory, something you’ve done, someplace you’ve gone. We’ll give you six minutes–or 360 seconds–to bring your story full circle. The time limit helps you keep stay focused, helps keep the event moving.

Everyone has one. Tell us your story.