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What have we done?

2007-2008 season

Marion Bridge

Three sisters come home to deal with their mother...and each other...

Presented in Madison and New Washington, Indiana.

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We have also presented remounted productions of A Night in November and Jacob Marley's Christmas Carol this season.

2006-2007 season

What Song the
Syrens Sang

Two women try to explain a poem by the late Richard Madoc...and then he shows up...

A short play presented as part of National Poetry Month, performed one night only, live on stage at Actors Theatre of Louisville. No, really. Click here for more information.

A Night in November

Soccer isn't a matter of life and death. It's more important than that.

After sellout performances here and on the road, we'll be touring the region this summer.

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Jacob Marley's
Christmas Carol

If you think you know all about Ebenezer Scrooge, then you only know half the story...

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The Rough Guide
to the Underworld

What to do when you're going to hell.

A world premiere by David J. Loehr.

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Previous years

Wake Up &
Smell the Coffee

A play about waiting your turn, selling your soul, flying high...and waking up.

Joel David Santner in a tour of Eric Bogosian's one man play. Click here.

Under Milk Wood

To begin at the beginning. Seven actors, five chairs, one night in Wales. Listen. Time passes.

A fully-staged, book-in-hand production of Dylan Thomas' radio play, directed by Joel David Santner.

Mosaic: Keeper

Two men. One room. One question. Too many answers.

What happens when the relationship between a detective and a suspect gets too close for comfort? Keeper is a taut two-person play by David J. Loehr, starring William McNulty and Nick Newell, directed by Tom Evans. Part of the ongoing Mosaic project.


Our signature piece, a collection of monologues, essays, stories and songs about life on, around and even in rivers. From the serious--a tornado reveals the Ohio River--to the absurd--The Rough Guide to the Rivers of the Underworld--and everything in between.

Like a river, the collection grows and changes over time. New writers are joining the stream all the time.

Burn This

Two outcasts meet in the wake of an accidental death. Their struggle to connect with one another and the world around them is the story of Burn This by Lanford Wilson.

Our inaugural production, directed by artistic director Jim Stark, starring Joel David Santner and Gillian Watson, produced in Madison, IN and Louisville, KY.

Speed the Plow

David Mamet takes on Hollywood, and it's like fish in a barrel. Fish in a #@$!% barrel, okay?

With a little gender-bending from our director, who says Mamet doesn't write for women? And did I mention, the audience got to design the set. Really. Just be aware that, being a Mamet play, there's plenty of adult themes and language. Like $%#@!!% language, I'm telling you. Click here for more information.